Aqua Page Builder

A few months back I have been talking about building some sort of a template builder framework for WordPress themes. I don’t get around to focus too much on the project, so things has been going pretty slow with it. The last few weeks however, after much throttling of my sleeping schedules and passing a few client works; Voilà, the Aqua Page Builder.

So what is it exactly?

The original plan was to build a simple “layout builder” or “template editor” or something like that, which basically just a simple way to divide the content into some nice columns, then use it as a template so people can use it over and over again. But that was too simple, and people hate simple, so I ditched simple and be complicated instead.

Here’s a copy of the description for the plugin. I think I summarised it quite well in a few sentences there:

Aqua Page Builder is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to create an unlimited number of template variations for use in your WordPress themes. It follows the same user interface used by the Menus & Widgets admin pages – making you feel right at home with the UI.

Similar to the Widgets &amps Menus, Aqua Page Builder features the drag and drop interaction to build its templates.

At this point you should just head over to its Github page, download it and install it as a plugin to your theme. Anything else below this line is just me documenting some details about its mechanics and probably sharing a few tips on developing themes with the Aqua Page Builder.

Why Should I Use it?

1. It’s free

Do whatever you want with it – Include it you themes, bundle it in a download, edit the codes, make it into a new plugin or whatever. Just make sure the credit & license is intact.

2. Your users will love it

I spent quite a great deal of time designing the interface so that it blends transparently with the WordPress admin. Upon viewing the builder page, users will instantly be familiar with its Menu-like panel, coupled with the drag-and-drop interaction they’re so used to in the Widgets page. The only addition that’s not too obvious (which I plan to make more obvious) here is the ability to resize the blocks at whatever width they like.

Aqua Page Builder was also designed to reside on a completely independent page, instead of cluttering the post editor like some other “page builder” out there. The idea was to offer the freedom to build content outside of the editor, and use it anywhere they like at all. The “template” doesn’t have to be a complete page at all, it can be part of a page that can be re-used on a unlimited amount of pages/post they like. Use your imagination, go wild.

I’m also in the process of writing a complete how-to documentation page, which will be linked directly from the plugin page for the convenience of the users. The link to that page is located here.

3. Easy to extend & develop with.

For now I’ve written some short articles in the Aqua Page Builder’s Wiki for authors so start developing their themes to incorporate the plugin. The plugin follows the code structure which was used by the Widgets API to build its block, meaning that you don’t have to learn completely new way to build your own custom blocks. You can even re-use some of your own custom widgets to be used as a block with some minor adjustments.

The basic structure to build your custom block looks like this:

You will notice right away that this is very similar to how you would register a custom widget that authors are way too familiar with – see

In addition, the plugin also includes some hooks/filters for authors to include their own custom scripts, css etc. I have also included a “Tabs/Toggles” block which is supposed to demonstrate how you can incorporate some ajax goodness into your block.

Another nice sugar is the “Form Fields Helper” functions which is included in the plugin so that authors can easily build their block forms without having to deal with slightly more complex HTML structure of each form fields. All these helper functions is located inside the /functions/aqpb_functions.php file.

Please take a look inside the codes of each block (located inside /block dir) so that you can get more familiar with the plugin and start building your own block. I will also be releasing a theme soon which features some custom blocks and hopefully demonstrate what the plugin is capable of doing.

The wiki page is far from complete so please check it out from time to time. I will appreciate all the comments here but if you have technical questions to ask please please please kindly use the Issues page of the plugin on Github.

4. Automatic Updates

I don’t plan on releasing the plugin to WP Repository anytime soon, and so I have built a custom API to handle automatic update for the plugin. What this means basically is that your users will have the latest version of the plugin installed in their themes without having to download it manually on Github.


As always, if you have some spare bucks, please seriously consider helping the World Food Programme to build world without hunger. Your donations will provide foods & shelters to those who needs them the most! – Fill the Cup!

Or, buy me a coffee :)



Discussions — 160 Responses

  • Azhari Subroto October 17, 2012 on 6:54 pm

    Nice job dude…
    is this plugin possible to include to the theme directly?
    I mean, I don’t have to install the plugin first.

    • syamilmj Azhari Subroto October 18, 2012 on 2:45 am

      Thanks for the comment 😉

      I would not recommend to include this directly into your theme, as the users won’t be able to update the plugin and it would be very tricky if you want to track down any changes made to the plugin in the future.


      • Azhari Subroto syamilmj October 18, 2012 on 3:46 am

        Well, thanks for your answer.
        seems this plugin will be useful. Because I have never seen something like this.

  • vahid October 18, 2012 on 10:33 am

    very thanks for plugin.

  • Jinson Abraham October 21, 2012 on 3:57 am

    Awesome buddy! This is straight-to-WP Core kind of stuff.
    The fact that you selected the native WP Ui paradigm, makes this plugin feels so familiar and intuitive even for beginners. Anybody who know to use WP3 menu system can use this plugin out of the box. very nice.

    I cannot wrap my head around complex php stuff but I am trying to figure out how to add few additional block elements like image slider, portfolio loop etc.

    Keep up your great work buddy..

  • Jinson Abraham October 21, 2012 on 4:04 am

    Do you think it is possible to register the page templates created with this builder under the “Templates” attribute for pages. So that they will show up on the dropdown list of page templates?

    • syamilmj Jinson Abraham October 22, 2012 on 11:56 pm

      That’s currently not possible I’m afraid, unless you have an example where such thing was implemented so that I can take a look at the code and maybe replicate it. So far my attempts at doing that met wall.

      BTW thanks for kind comments :)

      • Jinson Abraham syamilmj October 23, 2012 on 5:18 pm

        You are right. On a second thought I realized that assigning the plugin generated page layouts as generic page templates is kind of limiting the freedom we have with it.

        In the current setup we could use multiple templates on a same page, we could position the template along with other content on the page and it can even be placed within posts.

        I guess an ideal setup to connect the Page builder and the post/page editor will be a tinyMCE select box with the generated templates listed in it. Something very similar to a shortcode inserter setup. This way you could add the template into the post/page just like adding media or links.

        cheers mate..

        • syamilmj Jinson Abraham November 3, 2012 on 10:22 pm

          That is quite a brilliant idea, will definitely look into it :)

  • Vasili October 24, 2012 on 8:07 am

    Hi Syamil, awesome plugin. Using native WP interface is a great idea.
    Is it possible to make more then 2 columns in a row? Another thing is if i put Widget inside a column, and choose a sidebar which has tabbed widget inside, the jQuery of this tabs is not working.

    • syamilmj Vasili November 3, 2012 on 10:17 pm

      There is the “Column” block which should do exactly what you’re trying to achieve there. :)

      As for the second problem, I’m not sure what might be causing that. I have a tabbed widget that I tried inserting into the widget block, and it seems to work just fine. Probably check the JS of your tabbed widget. Make sure you’re not using something like jQuery(‘.widget .tabbed-widget’)


  • Azhari Subroto November 3, 2012 on 2:33 pm

    Hi syamil
    I checked that the upload block doesn’t works well. I think you don’t finish that block yet.
    If I want to make that feature (media upload), How can I do that?

    thanks in advance

    • syamilmj Azhari Subroto November 3, 2012 on 10:19 pm

      Yea, sorry about that. Been meaning to delete that block. You can create a custom block to handle media uploads. I’ve included that block into my new theme so probably you take a look at how I do it later. 😉


  • mt November 7, 2012 on 3:00 pm

    very nice job
    its prefect

    • syamilmj mt November 8, 2012 on 2:38 am


  • Vasili November 7, 2012 on 9:17 pm

    Hey Syamil, i love your work. i think you are doing a great job creating all this stuff. I have a little issue with the ‘Column’ block. When i put two Column blocks and then dragging another block, ‘Text’ for example, it’s difficult to put this block inside Column, The Column block is jumping all over.

    • syamilmj Vasili November 8, 2012 on 2:38 am

      That’s one of the quirks that I’ll be working on to improve in the later versions. If you found anymore issues in the future please kindly post on AQPB’s github page so I can better track them. :)


  • Jasdeep SIngh November 10, 2012 on 5:06 pm

    Hi Syamil,

    Wooow, really nice job there. Was looking for this for quite some time. I think this builder will complete my future projects. Also i agree with Vasili,block are quite bumpy.

    Also another thing i notice one cannot add column inside another column. I think this functionality will take your plugin to next level.

    Thanks for the wonderful plugin :)

    • syamilmj Jasdeep SIngh November 13, 2012 on 1:43 pm

      Thanks Jasdeep, will look into those suggestion to improve it in future versions :)


  • Warraphat November 13, 2012 on 4:07 pm

    Hi syamilmj, I have some problem for ask you. I Purchased your theme Cuvette from the day before, it so nice but page builder can’t work when I try to save a template, nothing happens How I can do?
    I use wp 3.4.2

    Help me please.

    • syamilmj Warraphat November 13, 2012 on 5:14 pm

      Hi Warraphat, I’m afraid this is not the place to ask for support. Please contact me through my Themeforest profile page and I assist you with your issues. Thanks! :)

  • Mihael November 19, 2012 on 8:51 pm


    Just a quick question; Does this plugin create any extra database tables?


    • syamilmj Mihael November 19, 2012 on 10:02 pm


  • thomas January 6, 2013 on 9:58 pm

    hi i created a google maps template [template id=”122″] it works well when inserting it into a post. but when i include this snippet in a page template via i cannot zoom and drag the map around.
    is there any other way to implement the shortcode in a page template?
    best regards

    • syamilmj thomas January 8, 2013 on 8:36 pm

      What theme are you using? The default page builder does not have Google Map included.

      • thomas syamilmj January 10, 2013 on 11:13 am

        the theme autor solved this problem, thank you!

  • thomas January 9, 2013 on 8:55 am

    yes i know that. it’s the themeforest november theme which uses the page builder in a nice way. i just want to know how to implement the builder template in a page template via php since the theme autor has huge problems to give good support.
    best regards

    • syamilmj thomas January 10, 2013 on 9:23 am


      global $aq_page_builder;

      For questions like these in the future, please use the Issues page –

      • thomas syamilmj January 10, 2013 on 11:15 am

        now it works. solution was to style the map it with overflow:hidden.
        best regards and thanks for your suggestions.

  • Sam January 19, 2013 on 2:08 am

    Great plugin, but I’m having difficulties with images. When I insert images into any of page builder blocks (ie images, slider, etc…) they don’t show on the front end.

    I’m using the WP-Consultant by Contempo from themeforest.

    Any thoughts?


    • syamilmj Sam January 19, 2013 on 5:54 am

      Hi Sam, you need to contact the author of the theme to solve this issue for you. Cheers

    • Ben Sam March 22, 2013 on 7:06 pm

      I have the same problem!
      Did you find a solution?

      • Jill Ben September 27, 2014 on 4:24 am

        I also am using AQPB with a theme by Contempo, and I just can’t seem to get an image set up to span both columns properly, and I don’t get how to control the media in the slider option. Given, I’m still a relative newbie with AQPB, but I figured I’d ask if you ever found a solve.

  • Zedicus January 28, 2013 on 1:57 am

    Nice job, my only gripe is that its seems it has some built in auto updater thats malfunctioning… Make wordpress report there is a plugin update…

    after clicking on updates and finding no updates disabling and re-enabling the page builder on the plugins settings page removes the update notification and wordpress goes back to reporting no updates available.

    • syamilmj Zedicus January 28, 2013 on 2:04 am

      Try renaming the folder to aqua-page-builder

      I can assure to you the updater works fine on mine though.


      • Zedicus syamilmj January 28, 2013 on 11:05 am

        Hey that was exactly it folder was named Aqua-Page-Builder-master ..


  • Memo January 28, 2013 on 2:30 am

    Hi ! the plugin seems very promising however It’s little difficult for me as a beginner to use it in my themes development and the wiki is not that detailed. Please would you recommend some links for me to start with ? Thanks much

    • syamilmj Memo January 28, 2013 on 9:44 pm

      I would recommend you to purchase my Cuvette WP theme and learn from the included blocks in there. It has almost everything you need to include in your theme.


  • Marco February 12, 2013 on 10:21 pm

    Can you add a blog to your template using this plugin? Thanks

    • syamilmj Marco February 12, 2013 on 10:33 pm

      Yeah, that’s definitely possible

  • Feriy February 17, 2013 on 6:32 pm

    Hi Syamil, wow it’s great, i’m trying to use it in my theme. But it seems i have a little problem, can i change the block header and footer, for example change the block title tag from
    <h4 class="aq-block-title">Custom Text</h4>
    <h3 class="widget-title"><span>Custom Text</span></h3>,
    it will be great if it’s possible cz i don’t need to change my css file.

    thank in advance.

    • syamilmj Feriy February 19, 2013 on 4:54 pm

      You can “unregister” the provided blocks and replace with your own custom block using the “aq_unregister_block(‘Block_Classname’)” function, e.g.


      In the future, please open a thread on the issues page so I can assist you there –


  • Patrick March 3, 2013 on 1:05 pm

    Hi, thanks for this nice plugin.

    One question: if i use the widget block, so i only can put sidebars to it. I like to use any witdget i want, not a complete sidebar. Is there a chance to do this?

    thanks and regards,

    • syamilmj Patrick March 4, 2013 on 12:08 am

      Hi Patrick,

      Actually at some point I was thinking of doing that, i.e. combine normal theme widgets with blocks so that people can use both of them on the page builder. However this is much too complicated to support and would unnecessarily confuse the users – since not all widgets were meant as page elements.

      My advice is if wanted any particular widgets, then grab the codes and makes it a custom block instead. The API (widget & block) is about the same anyway so there shouldn’t be much work to do.

      Hope that helps :)


  • Sam March 12, 2013 on 6:43 am

    Hi this is great. I’m enjoying getting used to building… One question as someone very new to this- is it possible to edit the color of the blocks? And if so, how would I go about replacing that color? Thanks a lot!

  • James March 12, 2013 on 4:08 pm

    I worked with the Singular theme from Contempo all day yesterday. Just about had all the pages arranged as I like.

    Boom. I added one new category to posts. Now all that displays is the “Elements” page. The navigation is correct, but clicking on any of the pages does nothing.

    I tried switching the theme from Singular to Twenty-twelve, and then back again to Singular. No luck. Same problem. I also have checked with different browsers. Same problem.

    I found that if I deactivated Aqua, the pages would appear correctly, but of course without the Aqua templates. I deleted and reinstalled Singular. No luck. Then I deleted and reinstalled Aqua. Same problem.

    I need some guidance.


  • James March 12, 2013 on 4:15 pm

    I’ve found that the problem was associated with one of the Aqua templates. When I deleted the template “Elements” everything went back to normal on the theme. Very quirky no?

  • March 13, 2013 on 4:36 am


    The plugin is greate!

    I have a question, how to change css of columns, rows, with custom css because I want to create my own css framework or use other css framework, eg: Skeleton, Bootstrap, ect.

    Can I do it?

    • syamilmj March 17, 2013 on 7:25 am

      Hey there,

      I just wrote a little tutorial which should explain how you can include your custom CSS files. Check it out –—Create-Custom-Team-Block

      Also if you have any questions on the plugin please use the GIthub issues page, that way other people can help you as well in case when I’m a little occupied with other stuff :)


      • syamilmj April 28, 2013 on 12:04 pm

        Yeah!, Thanks a lot.

        Great support

  • macky March 20, 2013 on 6:59 am

    HI.nice plugin.but Update error message appears of the Aqua Page Builder plug-in 1.0.7 .please teach me!

  • Zedicus March 20, 2013 on 7:36 am

    Hey there, i got an error after trying to update via my plugins page.. something about an empty file! So i downloaded the plugin and uploaded it and updated over the exsisting… once done i get this in red on the plugins page! ……—->>>”Aqua Page Builder notice: The “[template]” shortcode already exists, possibly added by the theme or other plugins. Please consult with the theme author to consult with this issue” ….I hope i dont loose whatever ive done.. can you backup the config somehow? man i should have NEVER updated it was working great!!! :)

    plz advise
    Thanks in advance

    • Zedicus Zedicus March 20, 2013 on 8:04 am

      seems update was under folder with master after it.. probably since i dl from git!!
      I just deleted copied the contents and put it in older plugin folder and all is well!! never updating again! kidding…. sorry for the trouble!! great plugin!

  • macky March 20, 2013 on 8:46 am

    Thankyu,I did it!

  • Rohith March 25, 2013 on 7:02 am

    Hi Syamil MJ,

    i am Rohith, i am newbie to WordPress.

    thank you for the Plugin.
    its very nice.

    i am developing a New E-Commerce Site, by using Ayo Shop.
    your plugin is making my life easy,

    but i have some issues,

    i have created a Template with a Column, with 2 Text Blocks.

    how to add the Template Shortcode to “Homepage Widget Area”, such that the 2 Text Blocks appears completely to width of the page.

    i mean to say that 2 Text Blocks should occupy the page width completely… example “”

    see the block after image slider i.e “Simple and Flexible, Responsive Layout, Translation Ready” section..

    can you tell me how to do that ?

    Thanks & Regards

  • Bharath April 1, 2013 on 3:58 pm

    Yet another useful plugin from you Syamil. I installed Aqua Page Builder in local and played with it. Some sample blocks are available and it would be great if you can provide some more blocks along with the plugin. I’m following updates of this plugin on Github and agree with you that its not a good idea to include this plugin along with theme, as its hard to track updates. Cheers!

  • Troy April 20, 2013 on 9:47 pm

    I updated to version 1.1.0 today and it messed up a few things. I am using Novelty theme which has the Page builder built in. I had to disable the “Simple Share” buttons that I was using because they are being placed in random areas now. I was wondering if you can send me the old version or tell me how I can downgrade it? Thank you.

  • Thierry April 22, 2013 on 8:16 am


    i’m using Aqua Page as a plugin that came together with the theme “Improved”.
    Aqua Page crshed though and i only see a window saying “available block” showing “Text” and “Column” and nothing else. Also, none of this is working or doing anything.
    I need the plugin back to work since i had already built quite some pages with it and want to avoid having to rebuilt them from scratch.
    What’s going wrong here. What can i do to try and fix this?
    Much appreciated.

  • Fanny April 22, 2013 on 5:27 pm

    I also have problems with this new version messing the page up, using Novelty as well. And it doesn’t seem too really work responsive as good as before. I Installed the older version again but now i can´t even reach my page. I guess having both the new and old plug-in installed maybe made my WP crash? Any ideas how i can fix this?


  • syamilmj April 24, 2013 on 6:16 am

    @Thierry & Fanny – Try deleting the plugin & re-install using the version on –

    Don’t worry, the templates won’t be deleted when you deleted the plugin.


  • John May 6, 2013 on 4:49 pm

    I’m working with AQUA Page Builder as was suggested when I purchased the theme Singular by Contempo. The number of templates seems to max out and the “+” to add new templates disappears. Singular is a one-page layout, but the client wants to create many more pages (actually posts) so I’d like to keep each page/post in it’s own Page Builder template for consistency. So you have any suggestions?

    • syamilmj John May 7, 2013 on 4:47 am

      Update to the latest version (v1.1.0), that should resolve the issue.


      • John syamilmj May 7, 2013 on 7:46 pm

        YOU ARE A GENIUS! Thanks a million dude!

  • Ludovic May 14, 2013 on 11:43 am


    On this page :
    on the screenshot 2, you have a lot of available blocks.

    But in the 1.1.0 version I have only these 6 blocks :
    Tabs & Toggles

    Could you telle me how obtain the other blocks ?


  • Amber May 15, 2013 on 2:24 pm

    I updated the aqua page builder, and when I did some of the images were made smaller. For example, I have an image that is supposed to be 960px wide. When I put it in the page builder it makes it 940px wide making my images blurry and not centered.

    • Amber Amber October 30, 2013 on 12:00 am


      Did you figure this out? Having the same problem?

  • kpendic May 16, 2013 on 9:54 pm


    in my functions file I’m adding support to my editor privilege to change theme options..

    $role_object = get_role( ‘editor’ );
    $role_object->add_cap( ‘edit_theme_options’ );

    but I can’t see page builder under Appearance … is there a way,..?

    Thank you Syamilmj for great plugin!!!

    • syamilmj kpendic May 17, 2013 on 2:24 am

      Hi kpendic,

      Try “manage_options” cap.


  • Ales May 17, 2013 on 7:42 am


    I’m using your page builder in my new theme. I realy like your work. I have a little problem. When I import data some of the block are imported and some not. Do you have any idea whay?

    Thank you for help.


    • MN Ales December 7, 2015 on 1:06 pm


      I got the same issue, no support yet.
      Have you found a solution?

  • Regina Timothy May 19, 2013 on 7:11 pm

    Great work with the plugin. Its very helpful.

  • çelik raf May 26, 2013 on 9:37 pm

    nice plug in.. Thanks for make.. Good luck..

  • Jitendra May 30, 2013 on 6:21 pm

    I have installed this plugin with wordpress 3.5.1 but i am not getting any option as shown in screen shots. Is it supportive to this version?

  • xlhogsm May 31, 2013 on 2:32 am

    I recently change the url of my site and the block items in the templates were missing. The block items are custom blocks which I created. The data of the block items are still in the database, but it is not showing in the wordpress admin. Is there any step which i missed out while creating the custom block to have caused this?

    Appreciate for any help!

  • Jerry Hepperle June 2, 2013 on 7:05 pm

    Is there a way a can make my portfolio items list alphabetically by title and not by date? I did not see this within the portfolio options.

    thank you

  • Cams June 27, 2013 on 6:42 am

    Hi, need some help!! I’m a little new at this. I’ve purchased a themeforest Novelty theme and cant seem to locate the Page builder which should have been prepacked. I’ve tried re installing the plugin from the plug in directory and also from github however after it installs it just takes me to a blank page. I’ve re installed a couple of times now and the results are always the same. Any advice? :(

  • Mary June 27, 2013 on 2:56 pm

    How do I make an image from the “image” block a clickable link?

  • Mohammed July 6, 2013 on 1:49 pm

    I really started to fall in love with this site
    it’s really amazing
    and the products are awesome
    this plugin in incredible

  • Naniko July 8, 2013 on 3:06 pm

    Hello how to add pagebulder items in the site template ?

  • winresh July 19, 2013 on 11:17 am


    I’m having a hard time in your plugin, specifically in the column box. When I put column box and resize it and put a block beside it then save it. The column box automatically expanding and the block beside it is going down. How can i fix it? help. I hoping to your response

    Thank you

  • scot July 27, 2013 on 1:46 am

    How do I uninstall Aqua Page Builder and the widget that it puts in the theme?

    • syamilmj scot July 28, 2013 on 7:44 pm

      APB does not put any widgets on the theme. It will be completely removed when you deleted the plugin.

      • scot syamilmj July 28, 2013 on 7:55 pm

        I uninstalled the plugins and I went to my widget area and I still have the widgets there.

        • scot scot July 28, 2013 on 8:05 pm

          I figured it out. When I installed the Aqua page builder it asked to install some other plugins. I found the list again and removed them all and it took the widget toggle out and add a template from the post or page edit.
          I didn’t know what was going on. Sorry for the confusion.
          Everything is back to normal.

        • syamilmj scot July 28, 2013 on 9:57 pm

          You’re probably using a theme that asked you to install the plugins *inside* the page builder. The plugin (APB) itself have no dependencies on other plugins.

          Glad you got it sorted though.


  • joe July 31, 2013 on 9:27 am

    Hi syamilmj,

    Is your APB compatible with WPML so I am able to translate the content from the sections I add with your plugin (I build multilanguage sites and I need this functionality). Please let me know.


    • Karolina joe October 16, 2013 on 11:33 am

      Have you found a way to make this work with WPML? I’m looking for that solution myself. :)

  • Naniko August 6, 2013 on 11:18 am

    Hi dear syamilmj !
    Not working for me the plugin!
    When changing the data in the cell when save all is lost.
    may need special permissions on the files?

  • Harry Norman August 8, 2013 on 11:44 am

    The container box isn’t allowing me to drag other items into it. It just pushes it away either above or below.

  • Helen August 28, 2013 on 8:20 pm

    Can you explain how I use the css feature. For instance, I would like to change the color of the alert boxes.

    Your advise is highly appreciated.

  • Shan September 5, 2013 on 9:09 pm

    I use the aqua page builder with the concept 7 theme,

    I updated the plugin and all my content disappeared!

    How do I get the content back? It shows the templates to be empty but all I did was update the plug in?

    Is there anway to downgrade back to the version before 1.1.2? Will this bring back my content?

    • Jessica Shan August 15, 2014 on 3:49 am

      I had the same thing happen!!!! This is awful!!

      • syamilmj Jessica August 15, 2014 on 9:43 am

        Try re-activating the plugin.

  • Denis September 11, 2013 on 10:20 am

    Hi syamilmj, Great work you have done here.
    I was just wondering, since this page builder only allows 1/4, 1/3, or 1/2 columns, i would like to customize it and have 1/6 columns to give me 6 columns of span2. Please explain how i can do that. I’ll buy you a beer :)

  • Shan September 21, 2013 on 1:56 am


    I have a question, adding a ‘Featured Flip’ section of images to flip around to display the text on the back, where exactly do you add a link to a page to read more?

    Currently I see:

    Add Image
    Add Title
    Add Tag line
    Add text to read more

    But when you click on the read more when you publish it…. the links shows as

    There is no where to add a link to read more for….


  • Mark September 24, 2013 on 5:47 pm

    Hey there

    I am using Aqua Page Builder and OMG it is awesome. My only concern is no ability to backup the templates created.

    Is this possible? And also would be cool if I could duplicate a template


    • Bruno Mark October 1, 2013 on 7:07 pm

      I agree with Mark, to be perfect you shoud only make a backup and duplicate functionality. Thanks and congrats! Great job!

  • Quan Nguyen September 26, 2013 on 7:45 am

    I want to use your plugin with boostrap 3. How can i change class of column block Compatible with Bootstrap 3 ?
    Thanks !

  • nick October 1, 2013 on 11:00 am

    very nice job!

  • hassan ali October 4, 2013 on 6:43 am

    hey i am hassan i wanna know some thing very serious from you like in past you option panel have a very good thing is export data in xml and give to client and that will be good for every client who use our templates with your option panel now the problem is

    in you option panel there is a big issue of xml exporting is there any way export data? and if yes then how? are you gonna give this update in you next plugin update?

    i realy want as soon you can give and feel good to see your mail at my mail thanks

  • Jeff Reinhardt October 8, 2013 on 7:08 pm

    How can I get support for Aqua Page Builder? My IPC wasn’t valid. Aqua was included in the Novelty theme (which is no longer supported) that I purchased and I can’t get blog categories to show up. -Thanks!

  • Karolina October 16, 2013 on 7:27 am


    I’m using page builder to the WordPress theme Cacoon and the page builder does not work.
    I can’t move the drag and drop objects around. It seems to be something wrong in some function or something since the list with the dotted lines squares where you can put the boxes in keeps getting taller and taller.

    So I can’t really change anything on the site.

    No answer from either themeforrest or the theme developer. So I’m taking a shot at this! :)

    • Desiree1011 Karolina December 19, 2013 on 9:31 pm

      I am having the exact same problem and it is slowing down the development of my website drastically. It is soooo frustrating!!!

      • syamilmj Desiree1011 December 19, 2013 on 11:19 pm

        Pretty sure that this is a theme’s issue, but if you want, you can drop in an email on the about page – include your wp details so i can log in and have a look.


  • sampath kumar October 28, 2013 on 6:28 pm

    Looks and works better than most of the premium page builders.

  • Vlad Vulic November 11, 2013 on 5:35 pm


    is this drag n’ drop builder still being updated? I’m also wondering if it can actually integrate with the existing theme or it only works as a totally independent theme?

    I have tried several of these drag n’ drop website builders, so the one I like the most so far is REAL wordpress template builder ( So, I’m wondering if anyone tried Aqua Graphite and give me a basic review.


  • Bob Van Epps November 17, 2013 on 7:56 pm

    I am trying to use Page Builder to remake my site. It works pretty well but some of the widgets that I have installed do not appear as options to include in the page. How can I get these widgets to display>

  • tommy November 20, 2013 on 5:39 pm

    it’s a great plugin! i love it, but i just have 6 blocks. how can i get more like the slider?

  • Ibrahim Vatih November 26, 2013 on 5:02 am

    Excellent! Allow me to download this awesome plugin!

  • KLC December 5, 2013 on 4:12 am

    Hi. I saw someone else asked how to create more than 2 columns. I have tried using the columns box, but it still only allows two columns next to each other. I cannot figure out how to make 4 columns in a row. I see on your images it should be easy, but it won’t work for me. Only two things side by side it allows. Please help!

  • макс December 11, 2013 on 5:33 pm Reply
  • Federico December 13, 2013 on 2:02 pm

    Hi,i bought a theme from themeforset i found that i can create page only by your page builder, is there a way to use shortcode without the page builder , in the classic page aditor?

  • Aldo December 15, 2013 on 4:51 am

    My respects to this great wordpress plugin. If all plugins were that useful would not cost find what you are looking for.

    Thank you for great work.

  • Zakariya December 21, 2013 on 7:08 am

    Hi there,
    I’m stuck with Tabs(Icon). I have no idea how to insert the vector icon. When i click on Icon list it takes me to a website and have no idea how to add.

    here is the screenshot.
    please explain this.

  • Shashank December 31, 2013 on 12:24 pm

    Is there a way to sort the posts using order by post_title/name or post_id

  • martin January 2, 2014 on 4:34 pm


    is this drag n’ drop builder still being updated? I’m also wondering if it can actually integrate with the existing theme or it only works as a totally independent theme?

    I have tried several of these drag n’ drop website builders, so the one I like the most so far is REAL wordpress template builder ( So, I’m wondering if anyone tried Aqua Graphite and give me a basic review.


  • Justin January 10, 2014 on 12:38 am

    Hi, I’m moving hosting servers and a client website uses your aqua page builder and I am able to export the templates used but any page that uses the accordion page style doesn’t export/import at all, have you seen this problem before?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! :-)


    • MN Justin December 7, 2015 on 1:07 pm


      I got the same issue, no support yet.
      Have you found a solution?

  • Ali January 17, 2014 on 10:52 pm

    I loved the way you started the code :) great to know.. Jazakallah..

  • emre January 21, 2014 on 10:35 am

    wordpress search system not working with aqua..

  • juan carlos January 30, 2014 on 6:25 pm

    hello, going to insert a picture in a text window to insert it directly crashes appears not accept nor let me cancel. I tried it on two servers? Any errors?

  • Peter February 17, 2014 on 7:54 pm

    Rubbish. Always when I try to use your page builder, the hole WP-Admin site is crashing. Unfortunately I bought a theme and it need your page builder.

  • Jens March 4, 2014 on 8:25 am

    Sorry for my bad english. But I also have this error and I can not use the theme. How can it be, where is the problem?

    Warning: Cannot use a scalar value as an array in /homepages/xx/xxxxxxxxxxx/htdocs/xxxxxxxxxxx/cms/wp-includes/media.php on line 1547

    Catchable fatal error: Object of class WP_Image_Editor_GD could not be converted to string in /homepages/xx/xxxxxxxxx/htdocs/xxxxxxxx/cms/wp-content/themes/hyperion/admin/aq-resizer/aq_resizer-1x.php on line 71

  • Juan A March 21, 2014 on 11:36 am

    Hello I have installed the plugin from a pluging wich came with it, it looks great but after the installation is not working, the texts are there but image slides are missing, any advice whats is happening?

  • Mike Alessi April 4, 2014 on 8:28 am

    Hello I have installed the plugin directly from Cacoon Themeforest Template, good job !! Just a little question.. where i can change the “” on over the image GALLERY .. wich is the right way to change thin icon?? Thank you

    code example:

  • Marc April 24, 2014 on 7:47 am

    Hi I downloaded a theme themforest. This page uses this plugin. Is possible to translate plugin content, text i titles with WPML?


  • Felipe May 7, 2014 on 7:44 pm

    How I can manage the users ie I want to give the profile editor permission, so he can view and update information for a specific template created by Aqua Page Builder, and stay hidden Available Blocks, delete template and so on. ..

    Would you like to leave visible only the template and the blocks he has to upgrade.

    In restate, I am happy with your work, very good :)

  • grafitowy May 21, 2014 on 12:06 pm

    Hey i’m using your page builder, but i have a small problem. I can’t use drag and drop system when i would like to put some blocks to a teamplate. I can only select the words e.g. “home tab” (similar to ctrl+a) and after that nothing is moving

  • Bas June 16, 2014 on 12:18 pm

    Hi, i can’t expand an block in a template. I use an template child. i get error: uncaught typeerror: undifend is not a function. its under this.wpcolorpicker
    /** Colorpicker Field
    ———————————————– */
    function aqpb_colorpicker() {
    $(‘#page-builder .input-color-picker’).each(function(){
    var $this = $(this),
    parent = $this.parent();


  • Clare June 17, 2014 on 5:53 pm

    Hey there!

    I’m currently trying to rebuild my site and am having a bit of a time getting my head around page builder blocks! I have the Marble – Flat Responsive Creative WordPress Theme and have installed your page builder as recommended by the theme but it doesn’t have any Post Blog Blocks available and is very limited to what is there block wise. How do I go about getting these blocks on to your page builder? Do I have to download another theme (such as cuvette?)?

    To be fair, I’d much rather pay you for the blocks than buy another theme just to have them set up!

    Really love the work, it’s simple to use for a newbie :)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated



    • syamilmj Clare June 19, 2014 on 11:38 pm

      Hi Clare,

      If the theme author suggested you to install the plugin then it is likely that he already has a set of custom blocks built into the theme. It would be best to contact the author or read the documentation provided him to find out the block you’re looking for is built-in.

  • Arkitektron June 20, 2014 on 11:21 pm

    Great Plugin. Is there anyway I can use PHP inside of the Text Block of Page Builder? Nothing I am trying seems to work. Please advise. Thanks!

  • Pino July 21, 2014 on 11:35 am

    Hi there, today i updated the plugin with new version 1.1.4 but i dont have the slider/post yet. How can resolve this problem? Tnx

  • john July 25, 2014 on 11:18 pm

    Just fyi, we’re getting reports that after updating to Aqua Page Builder 1.14, users’ admin screens are blank. This with Themes Kingdom themes. We’re still trying to figure this out, but wanted to let you know.

  • jeremy July 26, 2014 on 4:42 pm

    Just a note to confirm problem with Themes Kingdom update. I’m using CharityPlus version1.6.2. All the templates were gone after upgrade. Also, there was a note stating that the plugin was deactivated due to missing directory/files. I simply activated the plugin and it worked, but of course none of the preset layouts were present. Bummer.

  • Daniel July 29, 2014 on 1:57 pm

    I did the update.. killed my site. could not log in..

    went to my cpanel.. moved the aqua page builder from the directory so it was not active.

    then reinstalled it using the older version that came with my theme as the updated file was not included

    All is well again..

    Thank heaves for never deleting old filed..

  • Jaythan Elam August 25, 2014 on 3:08 pm

    Our theme isn’t working well the latest plugin for the page builder. Is there a way to get an older release, and if so can you point me in the right direction please?

  • Matt Renstrom September 26, 2014 on 8:43 pm

    Is there a way to do a find and replace of links inside pagebuilder? I just launched a site and now have a lot of links within pagebuilder that still link to the old development site.

  • putra December 6, 2014 on 4:23 pm

    hi syamil, i need your help,

    i use wordpress 4.0.1 and install aqua page builder on it. i drag section to canvas and drag slider inside the section, i add 5 image but all not work

    can you help me?


  • Saiful Islam December 26, 2014 on 6:49 am

    Can i use it without wordpress?
    In my custom application.

  • Joren Wouters January 11, 2015 on 2:41 pm

    If you want this page builder in your theme, do you need to make your own CSS styles for it? Or are they already include in the plugin?

  • Moshiur Rahman Shimul February 23, 2015 on 12:09 am

    I just got the plugin on, It’s cool,

  • Vicor February 27, 2015 on 5:26 am

    Ive been using Aqua Page Builder for a year and a bit now.
    I just updated to WordPress 4.0.1 and it’s not working.
    Please update this is an amazing plugin and everything I need to make my site work.
    Please help!!!

  • JC March 22, 2015 on 4:19 am

    I am using pagebuilder for the Cacoon WordPress Template. I am having issues with short code. I would like my content copy etc look like this page.

    My copy looks like this

    Its showing the short code and not using up the space in the box.

    any help please?

  • BARBARA April 2, 2015 on 1:10 pm

    Bonjour, Hello

    i can’t center two colums horizontaly …
    exemple in my website: I present two members of my team but the two are align on the left of my page instead of being in the middle….
    but not in “i pad” that the blocs are corectly positionned…

    Can you help me please ?
    Thank you very much

  • Kon April 8, 2015 on 12:41 pm

    Loving the plugin! Used it first time recently and it helped a lot. The only issue I have is that I don’t seem to see an option to delete templates. Can you please point me in the right direction?


    • Kon Kon April 8, 2015 on 12:43 pm

      Ignore my question! I’m a derp. It’s right underneath next to Clone Template function.

  • Amber Renee April 20, 2015 on 7:01 pm

    I have a question — I’m new to this.. I’m not seeing where the portfolio blocks are edited and how we add images/information if we have 2 added? Where can I find these answers? So confused.

  • vijaygopal May 20, 2015 on 2:56 am

    Looks and works bigger than most of the premium page builders

  • Christian October 21, 2015 on 3:42 pm

    ey hello
    the botton Add New into Gallery, is does not work, no apply more items


  • rinacka November 30, 2015 on 8:24 pm


    I have just installed the Aqua page builder 1.1.5 version. Thanks for that!!!
    just one question- there are only 7 available blocks, but per video on youtube i can see there are way much more: slider, container open, container close an much more.

    Could you please tell me where could i get all available features for this amazing builder?

    Thanks a mill

  • Boris December 9, 2015 on 5:52 pm

    Hello syamilmj,

    how can I stop automatic update of your plugin?

    It’s crashing my page content every time it updates to version 1.1.5 so I have to bring up my backups.

    Worst thing is that it’s my client’s website and this is killing me!!!

  • Gerardo Cisneros January 6, 2016 on 7:03 pm

    Thanks for your plugin. How do I get the links I provide in the “Link URL” field of the “One Event Block” to open in a new tab or window? In our case, most of those URLs are at sites other than our own, and I don’t really want users leaving our site.

  • Lovhitha February 2, 2016 on 7:14 am

    This article awesome. Can you please help me about the defects in this article
    Aifon to aipaddo no iOS debaisu no tame no saikō no, muryō no sukurīnrekōdā wa IREC wa careiphone. Komu de riyō kanōdesu