Supportte – Free BBPress Support Forum Theme

After releasing the Aqua Verifier plugin, I get a few requests from people who wanted to purchase/hire me to develop their support forums, similar to the one I used on my support forum. But as I promised to some people I decided to release this for free instead, because, well, I don’t really like your money that much :)

The theme relies on several plugins to fully utilise it as a support forum, namely:

  • BBPress
  • Aqua Verifier
  • Getshopped Support Forum Plugin
  • Search Everything
  • Crayon Syntax Highlighter
  • WP Mail SMTP

With those, you get these features:

  • Easy integration with Aqua Verifier to verify purchase from Envato Marketplaces
  • Filter replies from non-members, but leave topic content to help with SEO
  • Topic icons ( resolved, not resolved, in progress )
  • Custom & overall better search page than default BBPress search
  • Syntax highlighter (crayon)

The theme is available for download on Github.

As always, if you found any bugs, issues or just need some help to with the release feel free to post on its Github Issues page. Also, if my works have helped you in any way, please try give back to the world by helping the poor and the needy. Here’s one – Fill the Cup!


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  • Manh April 20, 2013 on 3:23 pm

    Nice sharing dude, really useful for somebody that intends to use forum to assist buyers!

    • syamilmj Manh April 20, 2013 on 11:46 pm

      Thanks mate ;)

  • Abbas Khan May 4, 2013 on 3:56 pm

    Hey, how did you get the ‘Resolved / Not resolved’ icons working with bbpress. I looked at the list of plugins and i’m using like half of them, but can’t tell whta plugin i need to use/mod to get the topic icons working.

    Thank you.

    • syamilmj Abbas Khan May 7, 2013 on 5:34 am

      Install the Getshopped Support Forum plugin

      • Abbas Khan syamilmj May 7, 2013 on 10:30 am

        Hey, Thanks for replying. I have getshopped installed and I do get the the options like setting a topic as resolved or otherwise – but I don’t get any icons on the topic lists. The only thing it adds to the topics like is prepending “[resolved]” in front of the topic that is resolved. There is no other html markup added that I can style.

        What might be causing this difference?

  • Johnny May 30, 2013 on 1:31 pm


    Great plugin….

    Can this be used without the «Aqua Verifier», that is not limit registration to Market Place memnbers only ?


    • syamilmj Johnny June 14, 2013 on 4:17 am

      I suppose you can, but I have not tested that thoroughly.

  • behzad June 13, 2013 on 5:08 pm

    Hi, Thanks for this great theme, i have a problem with create topic .. after i installed bbpress and created forum > i created topic but i see this Error :
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bbps_is_support_forum() in /home3/themecom/public_html/support/wp-content/themes/Supportte-master/bbpress/bbpress-functions.php on line 531


    • syamilmj behzad June 14, 2013 on 4:17 am

      Install the support forum plugin.

      • Nadeem syamilmj August 15, 2013 on 9:30 am

        Hi Syamil

        First of all, thank you soo much for such nice plugin and option panel. really loved your work.

        i have the same problem as behzad had, i have installed bbpress plugin too. but still getting this error. any idea how to fix it ?

        Kind regards

        • Nadeem Nadeem August 15, 2013 on 11:05 am

          ok i just installed GetShopped Support Forums plugin and the problem has fixed. is the right thing to do or it should have been something else ?

  • Skat June 27, 2013 on 9:01 pm


    Can you please tell me how did you do to display the posts only to registered members and display the message from the “meta-private.php” to the unregistered ones?

    Cheers and thanks.

    • syamilmj Skat July 3, 2013 on 6:27 am


  • Rilwis August 15, 2013 on 4:15 pm

    Just found you via Envato Resource Center. Nice plugin. It’s really helpful for authors at ThemeForest. I wish I knew this before!

  • CodeLion October 16, 2013 on 1:21 pm

    THANK YOU, You are awesome :)

  • Jamie October 26, 2013 on 6:07 pm

    Where is the intro message coming from? I cannot find it anywhere. The one that says

    Welcome to Aquagraphite Support Forum. We will do our best to assist you with any issues/bugs related to the use of our themes and plugins. Unfortunately we do not provide support for customizations or using 3rd party plugins. Read our full support policy here.

    I can’t find where it is being generated

  • bard November 6, 2013 on 10:02 am

    Thanks for the great solution release, I am currently testing it.

    It shows the verification of the register needs to offer both purchase code and user name. I got a question here, what if Supportte services 2 items which are itemA and itemB, and purchaser who only has itemA, will this purchaser allowed to register and ask for support in itemB?

    It seems this is allowed, but I didn’t allowed to test this as act both author and purchaser since I only have an account in

    The verification process build in the register is cool, but what I am thinking about is where the verification of purchase code should be located.

  • ard November 27, 2013 on 2:48 pm

    Excellent theme, does anybody find out how to install and run ? If yes please help to do that to.


  • Berg December 14, 2013 on 9:15 pm

    I have all the plugins installed, I can’t find the option to change topics status (resolved, not resolved)
    I been trying to change values on Settings > Forums, but nothing seems to work.
    Also tried in the topic edit page. there are only the following options: Open Closed Spam Trash Pending.

    How do I change topics status?

    Thank you very much for bringing this awesome theme and share it for free, that means a lot to me.

    Best Regards

  • Wajid Khan December 24, 2013 on 9:20 am

    Hi syamilmj,

    Thanks you very much for creating awesome theme.

    I’m getting error in registration in WordPress 3.8 version. It is not redirecting to registration page as well as it is also not redirecting to user registration form also please can check this issues i’m not having much time because my registration is stopped it’s not working and the new author unable to register.. Thanks for your help.

    Wajid Khan

  • A.Taha February 22, 2014 on 5:49 pm

    Fantastic work but i have one question.

    How to change the status of user topic, it in progress and i need it to be solved after i solve it ?


  • codeex March 20, 2014 on 8:10 am


    I’m using this for my support forum and I got this error “Fatal error: Call to undefined function bbps_is_support_forum() in /home2/mabuc/public_html/codeex/wp-content/themes/Supportte-master/bbpress/bbpress-functions.php on line 531″

    anyone has this error when for WP3.8.1


    • Mockba codeex April 6, 2014 on 1:03 am


      Just install GetShopped Support Forums plugin

  • Cleanscript April 9, 2014 on 9:52 am

    Awesome theme! I have a problem I can’t figure out for a while though:

    I can’t resolve topics. I understand I have to install GetShopped Support Froum Plugin. I did, multiple versions. Still does not work. I’m not getting a dropdown in the admin and setting the topic status to closed, does not seem to mark it as resolved. Is there a specific version of a plugin I must use? where can I find it? can you give me a link or something to it?


  • Themovation April 25, 2014 on 5:38 am

    It looks like someone has been updating the GetShopped Support Forum Plugin to support a more recent version of bbpress and also added some new features.

    You can grab the code (and see the changes) from here:

    The voting and sidebar registration features can be seen in the demo here:

    Thanks Dave!

    @Cleanscript – I was smashing my head against the wall with the same issue. Make sure you check ‘Support Forum’ when you create / edit a Forum. It’s under the Forum Attributes heading. Also, note that you will be changing the status via frontend vs the WordPress backed / edit topic screen.

    Cheers and thanks for sharing this great theme + plugin + help. Rock on!

  • Cichy August 1, 2014 on 1:39 pm

    How can I change the text in Top-bar (“Welcome to Aquagraphite…”) and text in content home page (“…We will do our best to assist…”) and add to new links in Footer?

  • Alex September 27, 2014 on 11:23 am

    How do you make a topic resolved? Great plugin by the way,

  • Jhonny October 15, 2014 on 1:27 pm

    Hi, how to put the topic in progress when an person open a new topic ?? tanks

  • Jhonny October 15, 2014 on 1:28 pm

    like this Topic icons ( resolved, not resolved, in progress )

  • ace November 5, 2014 on 12:21 pm

    Cool theme, but I see many files referenced in the theme code, but missing completely. For example:

    Search.php looks for these files, but they do not exist.
    ‘loop’, ‘topics’
    ‘pagination’, ‘topics’

    Hence, search will result no results because there is no template. This happens to me regardless of whether I use Search Everything plugin or not.

    Additionally, in archive.php, reference is made to:
    get_template_part( ‘loop’, ‘archive’ );

    but none exists.

    Is this intentional?

  • sean December 3, 2014 on 2:28 pm

    Hi, thanks for the theme. installed successfully but unfortunately for me no topic shows up on the main page. it a new wordpress installation, all I see is “Hello World Post” I have created a sample topic but it not showing up on the homepage. Do I need to change something .

    • sean sean December 5, 2014 on 3:20 am

      I figured it out. thanks once again for the theme.

  • Niraj June 16, 2015 on 1:22 pm

    Getting this weird problem

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bbps_is_support_forum() in /home1/ttiimblo/public_html/support/wp-content/themes/Supportte-master/bbpress/bbpress-functions.php on line 531

  • Premium Theme September 26, 2015 on 4:25 pm

    i can’t hide topic content from unregistred users, is there any way to resolve it ?

  • leli October 30, 2015 on 2:31 am Reply