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The Editr WordPress Theme is by far one of the most interesting themes I’ve worked on. If you’re familiar with TNW, then you’d probably know where the inspirations are coming from. One of key features of the theme, code-wise, is the implementation of Backbone.js + Underscore.js which just recently came pre-packaged with WordPress v3.5.

Editr is not a web app so one may argue about the use of BB+_.js. However, there is actually nothing written in stone about the usage of BB on simple sites like the Editr. When it comes to the question of “when to use Backbone”, one of the most memorable quote I’ve read is this:

“If you must ask, then you should probably use it”

Simply put, Backbone is about as simplest as you can get to have a well structured Javascript codes. With its inclusion on WP and its fairly small size, there’s really no excuse not to use it, unless of course – your codes are already very well structured – but we all know how frustratingly time-consuming to do that!

The inclusion of BB+_.js on Editr was an attempt to make use of these libraries to see how they play with the overall WP templating system – I think it turned out quite nicely. Everything was running very smoothly and at blazing fast speed. In the future, I’m considering on creating a web-app WP theme – probably a directory listing like AirBnb or a small job site. We’ll see.

On Editr, I was stringent on the use of WP’s dynamic templating system. For example, all you see on the index.php file is this:

The inspirations for this type of structure came from the BBPress which is very easy to customize thanks to its intuitive & well organized templates structure. On Editr, the templates are even more organized, separated into their own directory with logical nomenclature system. Those familiar with MVC framework will quickly find the similarities. Customizing the theme using a child should be a walk in the park.

The admin side of the theme are wrapped nicely into their own classes, making them easy to integrate and programmatically called. No Theme Customizer though, because I hate it.

The only downside of the theme is the price – $40 is probably a bit expensive, considering that it is a fairly minimalistic theme and doesn’t really run on thousands of plugins like the most other “multipurpose” theme. If at all, this is a “single purpose” theme and a $35 price point should be more well-fitting.


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  • Justin August 2, 2013 on 4:49 pm

    Looks nice! Don’t forget to provide a link to it :)

    • syamilmj Justin August 3, 2013 on 10:07 am

      Thanks Justin. Added the link now :)

  • Augusto August 4, 2013 on 10:53 pm

    Hello man!
    Great work! I’m considering buy this theme for my wife’s new project.

    For my surprise, I stopped in this site.. Look that: http://thenextweb.com/

    Is it the same theme? You were inspired by this one?


    • syamilmj Augusto August 5, 2013 on 12:48 pm

      I think that site copied mine 😛

      Just kidding 😉

      Yes the design and content structure was inspired by TNW, you can definitely some similarities there – but everything from the back-end to the front-end was all my hard-coded works :)


      • Augusto syamilmj August 5, 2013 on 2:07 pm


  • Rui Guerreiro August 22, 2013 on 2:09 am


    I wonder if it’s possible to add widgets in the sidebar, related posts, etc.

    Sorry for my english,

    Rui Guerreiro

  • Hamza Younas October 24, 2013 on 1:52 pm

    lol i thought Editr theme is free :(

    • Jesus Hamza Younas January 4, 2014 on 4:09 pm

      Yes, he pais his bills with air 😉

  • jacob February 19, 2014 on 12:33 pm

    The theme have some problem in the content area. I can see alignment goes wrong when we add more articles and just one column of articles showing up in front page. Leftside is fully empty.