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  1. Editr – Magazine WordPress Theme

    The Editr WordPress Theme is by far one of the most interesting themes I’ve worked on. If you’re familiar with TNW, then you’d probably know where the inspirations are coming from. One of key features of the theme, code-wise, is the implementation of Backbone.js + Underscore.js which just recently came pre-packaged with WordPress v3.5.

  2. Aqua Verifier

    I get plenty of questions from people asking on how I setup the custom registration form on my support forum. It wasn’t that complex yet it’s not really that straightforward to explain either. Therefore I’ve decided to release this plugin which would hopefully help you setup your own custom BBPress Support Forum.

  3. WordPress Malaysia

    So I just created a new Facebook page for Malaysian who lives & breathe WordPress. I’m not targeting for big numbers, just a platform to interact with all the nice people who shares the same interest. Hopefully it’ll just naturally grow into a community that everyone can be proud of. Link: Facebook – WordPress Malaysia […]

  4. Using WP_Filesystem to generate dynamic CSS

    A few months ago I wrote an article on how to generate dynamic css file which you can use for storing your css options data, among its many other practical uses. There is no shortage of real world examples where dynamic css were used with little to zero impact on security & performance it might […]

  5. Aqua Page Builder

    A few months back I have been talking about building some sort of a template builder framework for WordPress themes. I don’t get around to focus¬†too much on the project, so things has been going pretty slow with it. The last few weeks however, after much throttling of my sleeping schedules and passing a few […]

  6. Aqua Resizer

    Not gonna write a long post here, since I already did a rather concise yet lengthy write-up about the script on WPExplorer. What the script does basically is to resize and/or crop images from WordPress on-demand. It is easy to use, fast, secure and efficient. One of it’s most important ingredients is the implementation of […]

  7. Using SMOF the smart way

    I am rather ecstatic to see the number of interests people had with SMOF, and the growing number of themes already successfully porting it into their themes. It just feels great to see my work benefiting other people. Anyway, the reason I am writing this post is to raise my concern over a few matters […]

  8. SMOF Documentation

    This documentation will serve as a starting point for you to setup SMOF and will be updated from time to time as the SMOF is further developed in the future. Ultimately, I will probably just dedicate a full page documentation on this site, and include a downloadable HTML copy of it on Github. Enough talking, […]

  9. Dynamically generate static CSS files using php

    If you are a premium theme developer, there may be times when you will need to generate dynamic css/js files to be used inside your theme. An example to this is when you want the users to be able to change certain aspects of the CSS including colors, backgrounds, padding, borders etc, or add their […]

  10. Slightly Modded Options Framework

    Slighty Modded Options Framework or SMOF is an Options Framework for WordPress theme developers. It was heavily built on helgatheviking’s KIA Options Framework, which was forked from the original Options Framework by Devin Price. Some of the ideas and aesthetics improvements were borrowed from the Options Tree. The main objective of the SMOF is to […]