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I get plenty of questions from people asking on how I setup the custom registration form on my support forum. It wasn’t that complex yet it’s not really that straightforward to explain either. Therefore I’ve decided to release this plugin which would hopefully help you setup your own custom BBPress Support Forum. Continue Reading →

Slighty Modded Options Framework or SMOF is an Options Framework for WordPress theme developers. It was heavily built on helgatheviking’s KIA Options Framework, which was forked from the original Options Framework by Devin Price. Some of the ideas and aesthetics improvements were borrowed from the Options Tree.

The main objective of the SMOF is to offer modern-looking, features rich Options Framework for theme developers.

  • Drag & Drop Slider (slider)
  • Layout Manager (sorter)
  • Background Patterns (tiles)
  • New Clean & Customized Interface
  • Media Library Uploader ( not really a feature, but it was added anyway, soo… )
Future Plans:
  • Simple Backup & Restore (backup)
  • Sanitization!

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